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Deibel’s goal is to set a realistic time frame for project completion with unforeseen events factored in. Field work is completed within this time frame. Our “Complete Project” price is NEVER exceeded unless extra work is requested and approved by our client. We have developed a project scope for extra assurance that the client and Deibel are working toward the same deliverables.

Deibel has been organized with versatility in mind. Servicing our industry requires that Survey Crews can be marshaled to the job site with short notice. Versatility with instrumentation and manpower allows Deibel Surveying to place one-man, two-men or three-men crews on the job quickly. Varying the size of the field crew to meet the task also increases availability.

Deliverables may be delayed due to challenges that arise on most projects. The most common challenge occurs when utilities or right-of-ways do not match field locations. In these instances, we need a further investigation to convey a complete understanding to the client.

It is our experience that the biggest hindrance in completing a project is when many entities are involved, often requiring attorneys and other professionals. With our client’s approval, we will assist those involved to bring the project to completion. Prior to starting a project, Deibel contacts local zoning and the county regional planning commissions to ensure the client receives the desired results.